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BC Trademark Lawyer - Canada LawLSI’s Trademark Law services are geared toward the protection of your company’s intellectual property.

Your LSI lawyer will assist you in the preparation, filing and prosecution of your trademark applications in the United States and in all of the countries around the world who have ratified the Madrid Protocol.  This includes nearly 100 countries, from China and Russia to the countries that make up the European Union.  For those countries in which we are unable to file trademarks directly, LSI can seamlessly manage the process through a local registered trademark agent.

BC Copyright Lawyer - Canada LawLSI will efficiently guide you through the entire process of trademark prosecution by first conducting a thorough trademark search to determine the availability of your mark prior to filing any applications in the country(ies) of your choice through to prosecution.

In addition to managing your trademark portfolio, once your trademark is registered, LSI can assist you by drafting agreements related to your intellectual property such as trademark license agreements and assignments upon disposition of your trademarks  .


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Anton P. Montaño

Anton P. Montaño’s practice focuses on business law , employment law, trademark and copyright law in LSI’s Texas office since 2011.  Anton’s experience encompasses contracts, including employment agreements, commercial transactions, entity formation, corporate governance and registration of trademark and copyright protection. Prior to joining LSI’s Texas office, Anton worked in the the areas of commercial, product liability, and […]

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