What We Do

Through quality legal experience and a sound grasp of technology, Legal Services International lawyers provide legal services to clients in a cost effective and efficient manner, whether we are working as part-time in-house counsel in your company’s office, at our office, or virtually.

With our ability to offer contracted in-house legal services and virtual legal services at flat fee rates, LSI gives clients the assurance of knowing the amount of their bill before retaining our services.  For our legal services offered on an hourly rate basis, we charge reasonable hourly rates and provide an estimate of the time we anticipate spending on your matter.  Whether you are retaining us for a single project or a long term engagement, LSI lawyers get to know your business during our representation which allows us to continue to support you throughout all business growth stages.

Start-up Entrepreneurial Services

LSI represents entrepreneurs who are just starting out by counseling clients on the selection  of the appropriate entity, the registration of the entity, drafting formation agreements, and all corporate governance matters.

Services for Established Business Clients

For clients with existing businesses, we can review contracts before you sign, and provide you with clear guidance and interpretation of your business agreements.  We negotiate and draft a wide array of complex agreements and provide legal services that are essential to the efficient operation of your company, such as due diligence, and drafting and negotiating agreements.  For our client’s marketing needs, we can ensure that your e-mail marketing practices comply with ever-changing anti-spam laws.

For our business clients who are in growth phases, we can assist in drafting independent contractor agreements, employee agreements, employment handbooks, and counsel you on the fine distinction between an employee and independent contractor.  As your company’s growth continues, given LSI lawyers’ vast business law experience we can assist in real estate leases, asset purchases, shareholder agreements, financing and loan agreements.

Virtual In-house an General Counsel Services

For business clients with who have grown into the ongoing need for consistent legal services on a part-time basis, our Virtual In-house counsel and General Counsel services provide a great, predictable flat-rate fee option for contract terms 6 months or greater to ensure our lawyers develop an intimate understanding of your business.  Virtual In-house counsel services are offered on a remote basis while General Counsel services are offered on a secondment basis.  Fees for both are dependent upon the length of the contract, the nature and complexity of the work and result in significant savings for clients while providing the benefit of having a lawyer who is embedded in your organization as if you’d hired in-house counsel for your legal department.  Other than your ongoing reduced flat rate fees for services, you will only pay for third party expenses that we pay to third parties on your behalf.

Our solicitor services include:

  • Corporate and Commercial Lawincluding corporate governance, business law, corporate formation, registered and records office services, shareholder agreements and operating agreements contract drafting, joint venture agreements, negotiations and closings, reorganizations, due diligence, financing agreements, loan agreements, commercial leases, vendor agreements, mergers and acquisitions
  • Contracts Lawincluding  vendor and service agreements for a variety of industries, employment agreements, consulting agreements, and non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements
  • Energy Law including the negotiation of retail and wholesale electricity agreements, EEI Master Power Purchase and Sale Agreements, master netting agreements, and the review and drafting of energy sales confirmations
  • Engineering & Construction Lawincluding drafting and responding to requests for proposals, drafting and negotiating consulting agreements, subcontractor agreements, and master agreements for EPC and EPCM projects
  • Technology Lawincluding licensing agreements software development and distribution agreement, website development agreements, legal disclaimers, user agreements, terms and conditions of use, privacy policies and ensuring compliance with anti-spam laws in your marketing practices
  • Trademark Services including clearance, acquisition, registration (U.S. and EU), protection, assignment, licensing and enforcement of intellectual property rights, as well as drafting and negotiating the contracts which relate to IP rights, including partnership, agency, consulting, marketing, non-disclosure, confidentiality and licensing agreements.

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